Will it blend?

So I finally decided to write my first post, inspired by a Mike Moran post I saw today here http://bit.ly/8Y4u4k .

I recently presented at an internal company conference in Birmingham, and used a great case study from the US to demonstrate the power of online video for brand engagement. The company, Blendtec, has demonstrated the power and durability of its product by posing the question ‘Will it blend’ before proceeding to blend a range of household items, including marbles, glowsticks and even an iPad.

The videos are entertaining, popular (the iPad video gaining 6.8M views on YouTube to date) and have reportedly helped to increase sales fivefold.

Check out the series at http://bit.ly/4qXObH.



3 thoughts on “Will it blend?

  1. renepower

    I love WillitBlend? That’s the power of video and personality for you Steve! Video is one of the most important digital social media marketing tools available to any business that thinks social media isn’t relevant to them. I challenge any business not to find something or someone to video and chop a 1 minute montage together that informs, educates, entertains even inspires. Most importantly it brings a company to life – after all people do business with people right?

    1. Steve Revill Post author

      Spot on, Rene, and thanks for your comment. Blendtec used humour and a high profile gadget brand (as well as lots of other random household objects- my personal favourite: the glowsticks) to demonstrate the strength and durability of their product through an engaging and entertaining video. Imagine trying to convey this message in a product brochure or static web page?

      Like never before, it is now possible to cost-effectively convey complex messaging through online video. Assembly instructions for flat pack furniture in semi-hieroglyphic paper form could be a thing of the past…I for one won’t miss them.

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